Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Truck to Chuitzanchaj

Yesterday three friends and I hired a pickup truck and driver to take us through the mountains to the village of Chuitzanchaj, which is a fabulous spot from which to view all of Lago Atitlan. We travelled up and back, standing on the back of the truck, which is my favourite way to travel through the mountains here. There is a bar around the outside and down the middle to hold onto. With the wind in my hair, and a spectacular view in every direction, it feels like I'm flying. Here is Lynda on the back of the truck. Yes, that's my toque.

Here is a photo of the view from the top:


This is my good neighbour, Mike, and I. 

Raggedy Ann standing on top of Volcan San Pedro. She is such a daredevil!

This young lad is working in the family garden, which overlooks the lake. The garden was beautiful, with lots of dianthus grown to sell. There are mountain brooks which provide the water for gardening way up there.

One view from the back of the truck on the way back down. This doesn't capture how steep the descent is, nor the numerous switchbacks:

Then we were safely home, but exhausted from being on our feet for 5 hours. It was worth it though.
Full moon tonight.

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