Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Christmas

There are signs of Christmas here in San Pedro, but it doesn't really feel like Christmas. The men working next door often have Christmas music playing, and I'm listening to Winter Wonderland while swinging in my hammock.

Here are some shots that make one think of Christmas. Poinsettias are a native plant, and they grow to the height of trees.

The park in front of the church is decorated for Christmas. Do you notice something missing in this creche scene? Note the empty space where a special baby should be. I don't know if someone swiped him, or if he had work to do somewhere else.

I like the snowman juxtaposed with the hibiscus.


This poster is plastered on poles around town, advertising a popular bar/restaurant, called D'Noz.

I'm leaving San Pedro tomorrow morning to get home before Christmas. 

Feliz Navidad!!


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