Saturday, December 7, 2013

Around Town


I bought myself a bouquet of peace lilies this morning. They are depicted in a lot of Guatemalan artwork, and for me they symbolize the beauty of the country. 

Here are a couple of lovely sights from my balcony. When I was taking the photo of the red bird, a young man who is working on the terrace next door said that it is a rare sight and that it will bring me luck. 

I've rarely seen squirrels in Guatemala, and enjoyed seeing this one in the same tree. A cat was stalking it, but it was no match for the super agile squirrel.
Here is little Lenchito, the youngest son of the family from whom I am renting the apartment. He is only seven and was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on the pituitary gland. He had his first round of chemo in Guatemala City two weeks ago and is back home now. He is in good spirits, but he's not his usual spunky self. Hopefully, his energy will return when he has finished the chemo.
Guatemalans love fireworks for every special occasion, and this is the season of many special occasions. Today is the "Burning of the Devil", tomorrow is a day to honour La Virgen Maria. After that will be Christmas and New Year's. Fireworks are readily available in the markets.
As with so many developing countries, there is a lot of litter. They are trying to raise awareness of the problem through the schools and in the community, but it is a slow process. This is typical. The sign means "Don't throw garbage".
Most people here work very hard, and take pride and pleasure in their work. It is very common to see people singing and laughing and joking while labouring
. This is Brenda, who squeezes fresh orange juice for her livelihood. She is full of fun, as you can see.

It is the beginning of the coffee harvest here. The coffee is spread out to dry. That is Lago Atitlan in the background.
Speaking of coffee, it is time for afternoon tea!

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