Monday, November 30, 2009


I don´t know where the time goes in this life of leisure. I never did finish my last entry due to technical difficulties.
You may have read about the earthquake we had on Thursday, November 26. It registered 5.9 and happened off the coast of El Salvador. I was on a computer, and everything was shaking for about 30 seconds. Nothing was damaged and no one was hurt, although I heard that a window washer in Guatemala city was shaken off his platform, and was hanging from his safety belt.
Fuego (Fire), one of the three volcanoes surrounding Antigua, puts out a cloud of smoke and ash every now and then. It is also amazing to see, but again it is not at any dangerous level of activity.

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  1. There was a smallish earthquake once here while I was at work. I was so shaken and shocked I can only imagine how useless I would have been if it would have been a big one. Nature is something I feel so defenseless against, and you write it so calmly.