Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Barranco and Lima

 Jill and I stayed in "Barranco Backpackers" a great hostel in Barranco, Lima. Barranco is a wonderful alternative to staying in the modern suburb of Miraflores. Apparently Barranco used to be a beach resort for wealthy urban Peruvians. Many still own the gorgeous old mansions there, although many have been converted to guest houses, like the one we stayed in. It was comfortable, reasonably priced, and near the central plaza, great restaurants and the beach.

great old buildings

We ate a couple of fabulous dinners on patios overlooking the Pacific. A very romantic setting. We had to try Pisco Sours, and loved them so much that we both brought home pisco to try to recreate the experience. We also finally had ceviche. I'd been waiting seven weeks until I finally felt safely close enough to the ocean to have raw seafood.
and mansions
We enjoyed walking around Barranco, checking out the sights. We bought food at the grocery store and had a delicious picnic in a park. We went to the beach a couple of times to beachcomb and to watch the surfers. We were there each night at sunset.
covered bridge to beach

beach beauty
 On our last day we took the Metropolitan (rapid transit) into the centre if Lima. What an efficient transit system, and very clean and cheap! We got off near the Plaza de Armas. There were lots of spectacular buildings, but none of the museums or galleries were open because it was Sunday.

They do have an impressive pedestrian area, lined with stores which were open. I couldn't resist and bought some cute red sandals. I should have bought some of those shape-enhancing jeans, but I wasn't in the mood. Too bad, because we don't have even a fraction of the selection at home.
Lima's Plaza de Armas

religious procession

 Our flight home wasn't until after midnight, but once we were on the plane we slept and had a comfortable trip back to Toronto. 

I'm happy to be home again, and I'm enjoying the occasional warm sunny day we've had. I've had coffee on my back deck a few times, and even done my morning yoga out there. More of that soon I hope!


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