Friday, March 14, 2014

The Sweater

Puno has a great used clothing market which I visited last week. I could go wild there except that I have no room in my luggage. I did buy two sweaters, one in cotton and one in wool, both virtually brand new, for about $1.20CAN each.
What I think is remarkable is this: The pima cotton sweater was made in Peru for the North American market. Someone in the U.S. or Canada bought it and ultimately donated it to Goodwill or one of those boxes. The sweater ended up back in Peru, where I bought it. Now I will take it home to Canada. One day when I don't want it any longer, I will also donate it to Goodwill, and it may end up back here for the third time, or in Guatemala, or Africa, or who knows where? It would be fun to attach a tiny GPS device and track it.

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