Sunday, September 19, 2010


View from my balcony. It's always changing


My hennaed hair

Mongar vegetable market

The milkman

Selling buttermilk and yoghurt

The cobbler who fixed my sandals

My favourite lunchspot for samosas and tea

Daughter and mother, who is exactly the same age as I am


Changkay (homebrew served at baby showers)

Class 6A students cleaning up the creek

Rimdro held to settle the spirit of my neighbour's sister


  1. I worked in Bhutan on and off for five years writing the English curriculum. (I remember the story that inspired the clean-up of the creek.) I visited Mongar and spent a few days at your school, if you are at the school that Yeshi Choeki teaches at. From how you describe being above the school, it sounds like the same one. Good luck with your assignment. Enjoy the adventure.

  2. Hi Bill. Yes, that's my school and Yeshey is a great friend and colleague. I am definitely enjoying the adventure. What are you doing these days?

  3. Hi Ann, I am a special education teacher in Vermont USA looking to possibly teach in Bhutan next year.. what are the specific qualifications that I might need, do you teach one on one? have resource room? did you need to bring materials with you?? anything you can tell me would be most appreciated.. I am 57 and have nenwantingto do this all my life.. thanks sally

  4. Hi Sally. Sounds like you have the necessary qualifications. I mostly teach small groups of 2 to 6 kids. Creating the special ed room has been quite a process, but it has become a very pleasant work environment. I did bring quite a few materials with me, and if you end up coming, I can make some suggestions. Can you email me at ?