Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kids' Letters about the Picnic

Dear Madam,
Today I am going to talk about what we did on Sunday. On Sunday I woke up at 6:00 a.m. because I am so excited to go with Mam Ann and then I went very fastly to toilet and brushed my teeth and washed my face and I went to the altar room to offer water to God and I prayed to God and after that when I am going to my kitchen someone is knocking the door. When I open the door Lungten came and we went to Mam’s house and we talked with Mam’s friend on the computer and it is very nice because we can see that man. We went to school and met with our friends and after some time Mam came and we started going to Yakgang and we reached there and ate food and came back.

~Kinley Rabgay

Dear Madam Ann,
During last Sunday I enjoyed very much my madam going to picnic at Yakgang. For picnic I came to school to call madam to go to Yakgang on cloudy day. I went to school and it was very silence like no one is there. I could see green raincoat like which Madam Ann has. Then I went closer and closer and I could see then a brown hair and I knew that it was Madam Ann. We thought that no one else is there and went back but our classmates came shouting and rushing out of the class and I and Madam was happy. Then we all waited for others to come but no more came. We went, and in the way we met Kinley Wangmo and Thinley Lhendup coming and they joined us.

I, Thinley, Tenzin and Kelzang went to my home very fast and took my bicycle. The other students were coming from back but we went riding on bicycle first. When we reached there we took all of them to a big cypress tree. We made the fire to cook the food. Tshering Choki cooked the food. While making I was playing bicycle and badminton.

After that the food was ready and I gave my plate to Madam and I ate on leaf. But the curry was not cooked well and I quarreled with headcooker.

After finishing I packed all my things back on my cycle and went back at home.

~Tenzin Namgay

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